What is a JUNK Trip?

JUNK stands for “Just Us, No Kids”. It is an all-girls getaway – no kids, no spouses, just a ton of fun with other moms. You can relax, have a few glasses of wine, and do whatever you like without any interruptions. Although, it’s okay to take a JUNK trip with your spouse if you want.

Gather your mom friends and pack your bags. It’s time to plan a JUNK trip for yourself.

Mommy battery recharged

Most people find it difficult to squeeze in some “me time” into their busy schedule. But when you spend your time filling other people’s cup, yours is likely to end up empty. You may become stressed and irritable.

Spending a few days away from the responsibilities and in a beautiful location allows you to relax and recharge. Once it’s over, your partner and children will appreciate that you have greater stamina and better ability to control your emotions. Remember, you need a little time to recharge your batteries.

Do things you otherwise couldn’t

Juggling work, household chores, and family, most moms don’t even have time to relax or do things they love. When you travel with your friends or your spouse, you have time for leisurely activities. You get to experience things you might not have experienced before. You have the freedom to visit places you can’t or simply don’t want to take the kids to.

You can watch that play, eat late dinner, go to that museum or simply lounge around doing nothing at all.

The reunion makes you feel thankful

While we love our partners and little minions, there are time when we just want to be left alone. You may feel guilty about leaving your kids behind, but you’ll realize how liberating it is to be away, even for a few days.

After honoring yourself for a while, the reunion will be grand. You’ll be able to look at each other anew and focus on all the things you love about them. You’ll feel a sense of peace, triggering a sense of well-being.