Social roles are a factor in our process of self-realization, and counseling can help individuals and couples find their own uniqueness.

Women: Today, women have more opportunities than ever before, and with that prospect comes more uncertainty. Self-definition is potentially both exhilarating and unsettling. The idea of “having it all” brings with it new expectations and stresses. Women also undergo marked life transitions that affect hormonal balance, mood, and self-image. Therapy offers the client a time and a place for sorting through difficulties and transforming them into growth experiences.

Men: Cultural changes have created new frontiers for men. No longer is male identity a fixed set of characteristics passed from father to son. The workplace requires a new level of emotional intelligence and career agility, and homelife demands a greater contribution and presence. Men may put on a brave face while shoving feelings of doubt or unhappiness inside. Therapy offers the client a protected space for self-discovery and personal problem-solving.

Couples: It is through relationships that we grow. Yet given the pressures on individuals, forming deep, lasting relationships is challenging, and even the most solid marriages and partnerships are tested. While our society places a premium on families, we also ascribe value to goals and activities that work against them. Same-sex couples must contend with external pressures while feeling the burden of setting a worthy example. Counseling offers clients perspective and tools to turn relationships into dynamic unions.

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