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4 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Anxi...

4 Ways to Help Your Child Cope with Anxiety

Anxiety can be overwhelming to both the child and parents. It can negatively affect the child’s ability to attend school, sleep, and other areas of his/her life. As parents, it is extremely difficult for you to see your child suffer. It is natural to seek strategies to stop the anxiety. Learning to manage the symptoms […]

Using EMDR Therapy to Heal Your Past

Using EMDR Therapy to Heal Your Past

While many sources of trauma are physical in nature, it can cause a lasting impact on a person’s physical, emotional and mental health. Sometimes, the effect can be so severe that they interfere with an individual’s ability to live a normal life. Studies show that about 20% of individuals who have experienced a traumatic event […]

How to Deal with the Stress and Trauma A...

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, and earthquakes can create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Mild to moderate stress reactions are normal for those who are directly affected. Some people may experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, difficult concentrating or anxiety in the days and weeks following the disaster. Here’s how to deal with […]

4 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress in the Wo...

Every employee has experienced work-related stress at some point. For some, it’s the ticking clock to save a patient’s life. For others, it’s the urgency to meet a deadline. Although some stress is beneficial, chronic stress can be detrimental to one’s physical and emotional health. Several studies revealed that stress can cause physical symptoms like […]