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The Importance of Staying Connected with...

The Importance of Staying Connected with Family and Friends

Whenever we hear the phrase, “No man is an island,” it brings to mind the idea that we depend on each other for survival. We cannot survive alone. But let’s face it. Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up in our classes, work, daily chores, and other duties, all while trying to have a social life. Oftentimes, […]

What to Do When You Feel So Trapped and ...

What to Do When You Feel So Trapped and Unhappy With Your Life

People feel stuck for many different reasons. It happens when you feel like you’re unable to move forward. This could be related to anything in your life – your living situation, your physical health, your dreams, your personal development, your relationships, your career, or your work. Oftentimes, you wonder where the joy, the energy, and […]

4 Ways to Cope with Stay-at-Home Mom Fru...

When we talk of stay-at-home moms, most people would conjure images of a bunch of women getting their hair done, having coffee with their friends, and baking cookies for the next school event. But it’s not as easy as most people assume. Despite having the best job in the world, stay-at-home moms can get depressed. […]