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3 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Summer

3 Ways Parents Can Prepare for Summer

Summer is just around the corner. That means, school is out for three months and your kids will at home day in and day out. The temperatures are rising, and so are parents’ anxiety levels. To make it go smoothly with happy memories at the end, we listed down some tips to make your summer […]

How to Deal with the Stress and Trauma A...

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flood, and earthquakes can create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. Mild to moderate stress reactions are normal for those who are directly affected. Some people may experience difficulty sleeping, nightmares, difficult concentrating or anxiety in the days and weeks following the disaster. Here’s how to deal with […]

How Social Media Can Impact Your Self-Es...

Social media has been a part of our daily lives. It has changed the way we communicate and interact with others. It allows unlimited networking opportunities and offer access to information, and so much more. While social media can have their benefits, too much of it can negatively affect one’s mental well-being. Social media represents […]