Cell phones gave us the opportunity to talk on the phone whenever we please. As strange as it may sound, most of the general public had no cell phones 20 years ago.

Internet was barely in use and life worked pretty well without them. Today, however, electronic devices have dominated our world. People can’t live without their smartphones.

When you take a walk, you’d hold your partner’s hand in one hand and your phone on the other. When you go out for a meal, it would be positioned by your plate. You place it near you so you can take a picture or catch the next Facebook or Instagram notification.

Every time you look at your phone, you stop noticing everything around you – the friend who sits opposite to you, the beautiful scenery, and even your family. You may not notice it, but you lose the ability to be fully present in real life.

Smartphones are disconnecting us from society

Recent study suggests that 82% of the adult population use their phones even during a face-to-face conversation.

We check on our phones, letting others carry conversations that don’t captivate us. We don’t really listen intently anymore. Our relationships start to slip and our conversations lose much of their empathic possibility. We are fully aware that our relationships are starting to slip, but we just can’t help ourselves.

While there is no denying that smartphones connect our world in a way that was never possible before, these electronic devices disconnect us from reality. We are losing the power to physically communicate. Even family dinners have now become a battle against everyone’s smartphone. We could snap, tweet, and swipe ourselves into mass extinction if we don’t shake ourselves out of this self-induced stupor.

Smart phones make us increasingly detached from our environment and our loved ones.  Aside from the communication that takes place through our smartphones, we also need to engage in real life conversations. Also, spending time outdoors will be good for your physical and mental health.

Make an effort to disconnect yourself from your smartphone. Not only will it help alleviate stress and anxiety, it will also improve your health and relationships. It’s time to put your smart phone down and start living in the present.