Melissa Jones brings to psychotherapy her real-world experience as a licensed clinical social worker. While studying for her degree in Family Studies at the University of Arizona, she worked at Las Familias, an organization providing support for sexually-abused boys, and Child Protective Services in Tucson. Pursuing her Master of Social Work degree at Barry University in Miami, Florida, Melissa held internships and professional positions that administered to physically and mentally handicapped children and at-risk youth.

By the time she arrived in Colorado, Melissa was well-equipped to counsel students affected by the Columbine High School tragedy in her position with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health. She went on to become a psychotherapist for the Mental Health Corporation of Denver and the coordinator of the Child and Family Program for Developmental Disability Consultants in Denver. While at DDC, she transitioned to working with adults, which remains her primary practice. Melissa is certified in the Love and Logic™ parenting method.

Now in her second decade as a psychotherapist, Melissa lives in Boulder with her husband, young son and daughter, and two golden retrievers. Having lived on the ocean and near the desert, she enjoys the outdoor activities of Colorado’s mountains and plains, such as hiking, camping, and skiing. Because of the healing benefits of yoga in her own life, Melissa is a certified yoga instructor and integrates this mind/body discipline into her psychotherapy.

“There have been several people in my life that have changed the direction of the course of my life for the better, Melissa is one of them.  I came to her office unable to deal with my PTSD symptoms any longer.  The childhood trauma that I had kept secret and successful repressed was no longer under my control.  My anxiety and terror was overwhelming to me.  Melissa used EMDR techniques to help me face my suppressed feelings, and taught me to calm and nurture myself.   I am now able to be emotionally closer to my family and friends and also feel confident that if I should experience another trauma, I will know how to deal with it.  I feel lighter and happier than I ever have in my life.  Thank you, Melissa.” – Betsy, April 2016