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Do You Feel the Pressure to be the Perfe...

Most people will tell you that having children is the best blessings you will ever receive. There is so much hype about how amazing and life altering becoming a mom is. While there is no denying that being a mom is one of the best feelings in the world, it is not easy. Being a […]

Parents’ Fears For Children As Schools R

Parents’ Fears For Children As Schools Reopen

It’s been quite tough, hasn’t it? With our children staying indoors with us through these difficult times, it’s especially hard to let them go out in the world again.  As parents, it’s natural to be protective of our children. Sadly, the current social situations are not offering us any comfort. Considering the virus, violence, and […]

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive After A...

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive After A Loss

There is way too much pressure surrounding the holiday season. People get together with their extended family, throw big parties and tell outrageous jokes to one another. This, however, can be heart-breaking when someone you care about is missing from those festivities. How could you possibly celebrate the holiday without spoiling everyone else’s good time […]

Tips to Overcome Stress and Frustrations...

Tips to Overcome Stress and Frustrations Due to Online Classes

The transition from classroom-based to online-based learning can be difficult for both parents and students. After trying online classes since the school year began, some are considering sending their kids to school and opt face-to-face learning. Use these tips to help your kids overcome stress and frustrations brought about by online classes. Create a study […]