relationshipsBecause different people want different things in life, happiness can be a complex word to define. Some are contented living a simple life; while others strive for bigger things. Some wanted to pursue higher education, earn more money, travel the world or become famous.

While there is nothing wrong in wanting to achieve more in life, our ambitions sometimes get the better of us. We can all agree that money is important, but having a positive relationship with your family and friends is priceless.

In a society that often defines worth with in terms of money, prestige and material possessions, a lot of people tend to easily get lost in the pursuit of making more money. In fact, many of us tend to forget about life’s real priorities.

You get home tired each and every day, working so hard because you think you need more money. As years pass by, you get old and eventually realize that you have nothing except for your career. Yes, we understand that you are busy. In fact, we all are. But please make time for your family and friends. Invite a friend, your siblings or your parents for lunch or even for coffee. Talk about life, ask for advice or share your experiences. Without them, life would not be as fun.

There is no denying that money is a necessity in life. You need it to buy food, have a comfortable place to sleep in at night and help you live a comfortable life. While your impressive bank balance may make you feel happy and accomplished, please know that money is never constant. You can lose your money in an instant, but your family won’t instantly vanish from your life.

Try to strike a balance between reaching your dreams, making money and participating in family activities. You’re lucky to have a family that loves and supports you. Having them by your side will ultimately bring you more joy and satisfaction than your career.