JugglingWorkandMotherhoodWith a long list of household chores to do, young kids tugging at you and 40-plus hours of work, it may seem like a superhuman feat to juggle all these while still staying sane.

While there is no secret recipe to make sure you have enough time for your kids while still working full time, these smart tactics may help.

Carve out time for yourself

It may seem impossible to take care of your baby, do your work and still have some personal time, but it’s doable. For instance, you can read a book while waiting for your child from ballet classes or sports practice. Or you can ask your husband to look after the kids for a few hours so you can get a massage, get your hair done or watch a movie with a friend. You need to take a break from time to time. Otherwise, you’ll burnout easily.

Let the little things slide

Considering that you spend 8 to 10 hours a day at work, it is understandable if you can’t do all the task that is expected of you.

If you can whip up a fabulous dinner for your family after work, then that would be great. If not, you can order dinner instead. If you are really busy, then choose one thing that’s important to you. On weekends, you can do the laundry and let the rest slide. Your home doesn’t have to pass a white-glove inspection.

Get past the mommy guilt

A lot of moms feel guilty about heading back to work soon after giving birth. But going back to work doesn’t mean that you’re a bad mother. Remind yourself that you’re doing this because you want to provide your child with a better, more comfortable life.

Don’t let others’ raised eyebrows make you feel guilty for going back to work. Cut yourself some slack. Being guilty prevents you from enjoying your role as a parent and holds you back from performing your best at work and reaching your career goals.