Most people treat anxiety as a sign of weakness. This is why most people who are struggling with anxiety suffer in silence. They are embarrassed about it. Some people even think of anxiety as a bad thing, as if it’s a contagious disease.

If you’re struggling with anxiety, there’s probably one thing that’s been looming on your mind – when will it ever go away?

Perhaps you feel mortified after having a panic attack in public. And you’re probably worried that it might happen again in the future.

Give yourself permission to be human

While the desire to avoid or escape anxiety is natural, we also have to remember that anxiety isn’t a bad thing.

We are humans and we are meant to experience negative emotions at times. Your emotions are not random, and each of them has a specific purpose. Anxiety is no exception.

So instead of letting anxiety consume you, why not give yourself the permission to feel anxious?

Rather than trying to fight whatever you’re feeling, try to get a better understanding of what you’re feeling. Anxiety is an emotion; it’s not a flaw. Everyone experiences it. Some people are just better at handling it.

It’s time to stop dreading anxiety. Acknowledge it, accept that it’s there, and embrace it. This will be your first step to recovery.

Dealing with anxiety is a strength

Take note of what you’re telling yourself when you’re anxious. In situations like these, you may see yourself as inadequate or weak. But you are not. Remember that dealing with anxiety is a strength.

When you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious and you managed to push through it, take a moment to pat yourself on the back. When the situation arise, you know you’ll be able to get through it. You’ve done it before, and you’ll continue to do so.