Summer is an exciting time where we get a break from getting up early, homework, and after school activities. Although summer months seem a little less busy, many parents feel stressed during the summer months. In fact, survey revealed that it only takes about two weeks for moms and dads to feel the stress take a toll.

Here are 4 tips to keep summer stress at bay.

Maintain a sleep routine

Many parents get lax about bedtime routine during the summer. After all, the kids don’t have to wake up early. The problem is that most kids wake up the same time every day, no matter what time they’ve gone to bed. If you allow them to sleep too late, then you’ll have overtired kids who are in your presence each and every morning.

Maintain a sleep schedule to ensure that the kids get enough rest. Plus, it allows you to have some quiet time in the evenings.

Create a family calendar

Stress hits the fan the quickest when you have no plans in mind and the day is fly-by-the-moment. One of the easiest ways to lower summertime stress is to create a family calendar.

Make a list of the things you and and the kids want to do. Try to make your way through the calendar. You don’t need to have a plan for each day, but make sure that you have one or two activities planned each week.

Plan a staycation

Who wouldn’t want to sunbathe on a warm sand and take a dip in the sea? Unfortunately, something came up and you can’t go on a vacation. Instead of mourning, you can create your own vacation illusion at home.

Explore your town and the surrounding areas. Visit a museum, local park or even the library. Many towns have free events and low cost activities during the summer months, so take advantage of that.

Learn to say no

It can be hard to say no to our kids. Most parents struggle to say no because they don’t want to upset their kids. We understand that you want your child to be happy, but you don’t need to give it to all their requests. You don’t have to cross everything off of your to-do list either.

You are not obligated to accept every invitation you receive. Be selective of the activities you and your kids participate in. How you spend your time is your choice and nobody else’s.