Talking to your children about the election From the voting booth to carpool lines to the dinner table, the election results became a topic of discussion for families across the country. What’s surprising is that children have shown interest on this topic and are talking to their parents about it.

Unlike the previous presidential elections, a lot of children today spent the summer cheering with their parents for their presidential bet. These children, along with their parents, have wished and expected that Hilary Clinton would be hailed as the very first female president of the United States. Unfortunately, they were crushed the morning after the elections as they realized that Donald Trump has won the presidency.

While there’s a big chunk of population celebrating the victory of Trump, lots of people have admitted that they were anxious, stressed and disappointed about how the election turned out.

For parents of children of color and those in immigrant families, having a conversation with your children about the next few years can be a challenge. Many of you are probably scared about your future in this country because of the things Trump said in the past. Regardless of how you feel, tell them that you will honor the outcome of the election and that they need to remain kind and respectful, even to those who do not share their beliefs.  Also, make sure you model a sense of calmness when initiating a conversation about this topic.

Put their mind at ease by reassuring them that you’ll be there for them and that it’s not going to have a direct impact on them. Although we can’t really tell what lies ahead in the future, there’s no need to stress your children out about it. And if things go bad, let them know that we still get another chance to vote for a new leader after 4 years. Remember, in tough situations like this, there are 2 things to strive for – truth and optimism.