holiday-breakHolidays are times when families come together. Many people take a week off from school or work to spend time with their families. Some people, however, are so consumed with work that they find it difficult to disconnect from work, even on holidays.

We even know a bunch of people who haven’t had a break for years. Some would say that they are saving their vacations days for another time. Others refuse to take time off of work for fear of falling behind at work or missing out on a promotion. While we appreciate your dedication, please keep in mind that vacation is a must.

Forget your guilty feelings. Use your vacation days and spend some time with your family this holiday season.

It helps reduce stress

Whether you decide to go the beach or visit your parents over the holidays, taking time off of work will dramatically reduce whatever stress you’re experiencing, along with the negative effects that come with it. Plus, workers who take vacations are less likely to experience burnout.

It’s good for your health

Taking a break from work and spending time with your family is not just enjoyable, it’s also beneficial to your health. Studies show that people who take vacations have lower risk of heart disease, have lower stress levels and are happier. Those who don’t take vacations are more likely to suffer from depression.

It’s good for your career

Believe it or not, spending some time away from work actually benefits your career. Studies show that those who take a break from work, even for just a few days, come back to work refreshed and energized. They are also happier, more productive and are likely to contribute better ideas. New ideas often appear when you try something that is completely out of your daily routine.

In order to make the most out of your vacation, we recommend that you unplug from the office. Remember, vacation is meant to be a time of respite. If you constantly check on your smart phone, answer emails, make and receive calls, then what’s the point of going on vacation?