mjtherapyCan’t wait for the 2016 elections to be over? Neither can millions of Americans. In fact, more than half of the American voters reported that the 2016 election has been a significant source of stress in their lives.

According to American Psychological Association, 52% of Americans, both men and women, Democrats and Republicans say that the presidential election is very stressful. People seem to be getting more worried every day.

While every election provokes some level of anxiety, more people are coping with high levels of stress, brought on by the 2016 election. We’ve never seen people have such strong reactions to an election. It has been one of the most tawdry and contentious presidential elections in history. It’s a taking a toll on our mental health, as well as causing drifts among families and friends.

According to the American Psychological Association, the social media arguments, blanket media coverage and the adversarial contest between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton have the majority of Americans at breaking point.

In the said survey, they found out that those who use social media are more likely to be stressed out than those who don’t. In fact, survey reveals that 54% of social media users are experiencing significant stress due to the presidential election; whereas, 45% of non-social media users reported to be under stress.

With the videos, images and stories circulating on social media, along with the arguments centering on the election, it’s no wonder that people end up more concerned and frustrated. In most cases, these discussions tend to escalate to conflicts.

Due to the alarming number of people getting stressed, the APA released a set of guidelines to reduce their stress levels. They advised people to avoid getting into discussions about the elections, turn off their newsfeed, or take a digital break.