Still six weeks to go to spring. I have to confess the thrill of seeing that fresh white blanket of snow at dawn is gone.  I have officially moved into the I-can’t-wait-for-winter-to-be-over phase. I’m cold all the time, and I feel like I never take your coat or hat off—even in my own house. The litany of complaints goes on—the roads are dicey, everyone is sick, you can almost see the germs in the air.
I can’t shake the feeling of wanting to hibernate till it’s all over and ride the dregs of the season out—inside.
So when clients talk about their bouts of the winter blues, I feel their pain. But I also know there are some great ways to move through the winter blahs. Here are my three favorite strategies for tackling the torpor.

Selective nourishment:
Winter seems to invite a lot of snacking on carbs and baked goods. Instead, try focusing on soups with nourishing ingredients such as ginger, miso, and root vegetables. Indulge in comfort food—but good quality comfort food, food that makes you feel strong and vibrant.

Keep on moving:
Even if you all you want to do is curl up with a good book, try moving it instead. Outdoor activities and regular exercises can help with the doldrums. A 2007 study by Duke University researchers confirmed that exercise is comparable to antidepressant medication in treating patients with major depressive disorders. Even a quick walk around the block in your winter wonderland can make a huge difference to your morale.

Socialize—with discernment:
You don’t have to go out every night, but holing up in your house every night is a sure recipe for the blues. Rather than isolating, spend quality time with people you love–winter is a great time for long, soul-baring chats by the fire. You can recalibrate your social life, but don’t cut yourself off entirely. Enjoy your quiet times, but remember to alleviate the solitude with precious, intimate social experiences