American flag inspired vote buttons for supporters during the presidential elections in the United States

Whether it’s on social media, airwaves or even on t-shirts, there is virtually no escaping from the countdown to the election.

If the presidential election has you in fear, know that you are not alone. Some are stressed out by Hillary Clinton; while others are fearful of a President Trump. Perhaps you’re passionate about Bernie Sanders’ political revolution, but you’re worried that it might not happen. Or maybe you’re fearful or a president who will take away your health care.

While some degree of worry is normal and helps us make an informed decision, focusing too much on the election may potentially affect your life. With billionaire businessman, Donald Trump, and former Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton scoring the highest scores on poll, voters get so anxious that some of them are suffering from headaches or losing sleep. The viciousness of the campaign is literally making people sick.

Therapists and psychiatrists have reported that the political rise of Donald Trump is causing their clients serious anxiety. While people are not making appointments because of the election, a huge majority of patients have expressed their anxiety over the presidential campaign.

One study suggests that 72% of Americans believe that the outcome of the elections will make a big difference in their lives. But the problem is that many of them do not believe that these candidates have the answers to the problems we are currently facing.

Some people have even expressed their concerns about Trump’s ability to make good decisions about important policy. As a member of the nation, they are worried about the uncertainty of our country’s future. This is probably the reason why people get stressed and anxious during the election period.

Instead focusing on your own woes, you might want to look beyond the 2016 elections and think about how you can contribute to the society. Get involved in the voting process and choose the right candidate.