As divorce rates keep climbing and the number of single parents soar, long-term relationships have become something of an enigma.

Keeping a long-term relationship is no mean feat. Here are 4 tips to keep your relationship happy, healthy, and strong.

Give what you want to get

We each have individual needs – love, validation, attention, motivation, support etc. Often, people expect their partners to give them all these things. If they fail to meet their expectations, they end up frustrated or disappointed. To avoid this, try asking for what you want in a relationship. Or better yet, try to give what you want to get.

If you want to feel more love, try to be more loving. If you want to be understood, try being more understanding.

Respect each other’s privacy

To be in a happy, healthy relationship, you must respect each other’s privacy. You don’t need to track their every move. Give them a chance to converse with others without you eavesdropping. Stop constantly snooping on their social media accounts or mobile phone. Show your partner you really love them by giving them some space.

Find a way to become and stay best friends

You often hear people describe their significant other as their best friend. With your partner as your best friend, you’ll feel more relaxed, carefree and more yourself around your partner. You tend to laugh and let go a lot more. Since you’re really close, you have no reason to act out or feel self-conscious in the relationship. You are totally in sync and connect at a much deeper level.

It’s nice to think of your partner as your closest pal. Make sure, though, that he/she isn’t your only close friend. Also, try to give yourselves the independence and space you both need. Participate in activities you like. Go out with your friends without your partner.

Don’t lose yourself

Being married or in a relationship doesn’t mean everything has to revolve around your partner. Of course, you want to be the perfect partner. You want to make sure that you meet his/her needs and make him/her happy. Love your partner fiercely, but never lose yourself in a relationship.

You don’t need to experience everything with your partner. Try to spend some time apart. Identify interests and hobbies that you don’t share and keep doing them. Spend time with your friends without your partner. Find a balance between giving to your partner and holding onto yourself.