Throughout my career as a psychotherapist and especially since I became certified in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), I received many phones from possible clients asking for a quick fix.  I wish it was that simple.  People read about EMDR and some believe that it can change there life instantly.  As someone who specializes in this type of therapeutic treatment, I can say, that it can change your life but is not a quick fix.  I don’t believe in Fixing people, I believe it is important to help guide them to a healthier place in their lives.


So, what is EMDR and how does it work and what does it really do?  All good questions.  EMDR is a type of therapy that connects the mind with the body.  It has eight phases which consist of getting a client history, preparation, assessment (finding targets), desensitization, installation, body scan, closure, and re evaluation.  I know that sounds intensive and it is, however, in working with people with intense traumas, it is important to be through and work through each step.  At thus time, I am not going to describe each step in detail.


When an individual has trauma, they can sometimes begin to have negative beliefs about themselves.  These negative beliefs can continue with them throughout their lives and can begin to affect relationships, professional lives, etc.  They can also manifest in somatic ways such as IBS, headaches, tension throughout your body, anxiety, depression and so on.


EMDR helps to process your stress and trauma so that you no longer have those emotional and/or physical reactions to trauma.  The example I tend to give my clients is a car accident.  You get into an accident and you are not physically hurt.  However, whenever you get back into the car, you become anxious, nervous, tense and fear you may get into another car accident.  Always looking over your shoulder.  EMDR allows you to move past that accident and continue driving without those fears.  How nice would that be?  EMDR continues to be a passion of mine.  As I see people move through their stressors in life and having those negative believes disappear, they are able to move forward with their relationships, progress professionally and so forth.


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