Were you one of the lucky people who took a full two-week vacation during the holidays? Why does it seem like you didn’t have any time off at all? You feel drained!

For one reason, you pushed the envelope on how much partying, shopping, wrapping, cooking, football, and family time you could squeeze into fourteen days. Did you take any me time? If not, to get back into the frantic pace at work again, plan me time every day. It doesn’t even have to be an hour. It can be as little as fifteen minutes. It is that part of the day that is totally reserved for you and your needs.

Maybe you need to get away from all the kids and all the responsibilities you have when you get home from work. After dinner and the kids are in bed, schedule 15 minutes to quietly sit in a corner and read a few chapters of your book. If the kids have to go to bed 15 minutes earlier for you to get in your personal time, then tell them you are beginning a new tradition in the New Year.

Another way to get in some me time is to get up 15 minutes earlier and just sit quietly sipping your first cup of morning coffee. You could even play some unobtrusive elevator music in the background. Your me time could take the form of 15 minutes of walking. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it is something you like and that you are doing it for yourself only.

You cannot go back and recapture all the lost time from your vacation. However, you can re-charge every day by taking just stopping to smell the roses.