Summer is just around the corner. That means, school is out for three months and your kids will at home day in and day out. The temperatures are rising, and so are parents’ anxiety levels.

To make it go smoothly with happy memories at the end, we listed down some tips to make your summer schedule work. Use these tips to make sure that your children have the best summer of their lives.

Start early

Whether you’re planning to go on vacation or you’re considering sending your child to summer camp, you need to stat making summer plans now.

If you are taking a vacation, then you need to star doing research. This way, you can find the best deal possible and plan your itinerary. For summer campers, it is important that you find out what day it starts. Start your preparations early ensure that everyone gets to have an amazing, productive summer.

Summer boot camps

Summer boot camps can make for a life-changing experience. It can help kids learn better behavior, mature emotionally, and overcome challenges. However, there is often a lot of time and anxiety that goes into preparing your child for summer camp. This is especially true if it’s their first time.

Fight anxiety by talking about it early. Also, involve the child in the decision making process. If he/she doesn’t want to go, then don’t force him/her. Help the child feel less nervous by talking about some of the activities they’ll get to do. You can also look at the camp’s website for pictures. Hopefully, it will help you child get excited about the camp.

Plan day-to-day activities

Summer is 3 months long. Unless you plan to send your kids to back-to-back weeks of summer camps, they’ll be staying at home for weeks on end. To make the most of summer with your kids, it is best to plan some activities to keep them busy during the day. You don’t want them to end up getting too much screen time.

Play board games, go to a water park, make your own pizza, invite friends over for a game night. These activities will help bust summer boredom and keep your kids entertained.