It’s a challenge to let ourselves slow down. Sometimes, we are given a few sacred minutes to sit down, just enjoy a cup of coffee and watch the sky, but then we tell ourselves not to because there’s so much to do. We feel like we’re wasting time if we’re not doing something.

We often crave for a time off or a vacation just when our emotional well has run dry. Sometimes, we get the signal but we don’t even pay attention. What we need to do is to slow down, enjoy life and rejuvenate ourselves.

There are several psychological and physical benefits to spending time alone. Here are some of them.

Increase productivity

Most people believe that they can accomplish more tasks if they don’t stop. But if you work constantly, you’re not giving your brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. Take a break, even for a few hours, to unwind and allow brain to reboot. If you do so, you can come back to your responsibilities with greater focus.

Prevent burnout

It’s instinctive for driven professionals to work so much that there isn’t any time left to do something they enjoy. While we agree that perseverance is one of the key ingredients to success, there comes a point in time when burnout sets in.

Life isn’t a race. There’s no need to rush to the finish line. Try to slow down and enjoy the journey to the end.

Relieves anxiety

With the demands of life and the expectations of the people around us, we often end up feeling stressed and pressured.

Taking some personal time is an important part of managing life’s stresses. Set aside some time each day and claim carefree minutes for yourself. This will not only help rid yourself of negative thoughts, it will also make you happy and relaxed.