What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

With Mother’s Day being yesterday, I thought it appropriate to talk a little about what that day may mean to people. I have been asking mothers what it means to them. The number one response is that they want to feel appreciated by their family. Also, that they appreciate their own mothers.

Time Magazine Cover Are You Mom EnoughI believe all mothers ask themselves the question, “Am I a good enough mom or am I doing enough for my children?” Most mothers have some sense of guilt. Unfortunately in today’s society, this can lead to a sense of judgment—especially from other moms. So I found it fascinating that Time Magazine put on its cover: a mother breast feeding their toddler with the words “Are You Mom Enough?”. I wondered how this made moms feel who did not nor could not breastfeed for that long.

Yes, I know the article is about attachment parenting. I am not talking about that parenting theory in this blog. I am just speaking in terms of the message the cover sends out. I did ask some of my clients who are moms how they felt about the cover. Some of them discussed feeling inadequate, not good enough, not mom enough.

The message here is to focus on yourselves and your own abilities without judgment because in the end, we are our own harshest critic.

So my question to all you moms: can you look at the cover without comparing yourself? Let me know in the comments.

Believe in your power to grow,


 Melissa Jones, LCSW