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Constant Exposure to Negative News Makes...

Constant Exposure to Negative News Makes People Anxious and Unsafe

Today, the vast majority of news is negative. We often hear about crimes, terrorism, strife, acts of violence, and virus outbreak. Thanks to the 24-hour news cycle, it is nearly impossible to open up a browser, turn on the TV or scroll through your Twitter or Facebook newsfeeds without being assaulted by news or stories […]

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

As the coronavirus crisis continues to unfold worldwide, it’s hard not to feel some anxiety. Grocery shelves are empty, schools are closing, and millions of people are working from home. Here’s how to quell stress and anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Manage your media diet As your media exposure increases, so does your anxiety level. […]

The Psychological Aftermath of School Sh...

The Psychological Aftermath of School Shootings

Mass school shooting has become a national nightmare, and it seems to have no end. Statistics from the Center for Homeland Defense and Security showed 11 separate school shootings in 2019. The body counts have risen even more significantly in the past few years.   The incident that took place in Bellaire High School last […]