Happiness. It is something we all desire. We look for it in different places.  Some people look for it in a new accomplishment, a new relationship, a new job. Some even hope to buy it.

Considering that a lot of people are so desperate in finding it, why does it appear to be so elusive? Maybe some of the things we do in our pursuit of happiness are actually keeping us from it.

Here are some of the culprits that are actually robbing your happiness, instead of contributing to it.

Desiring a perfect life

A picture-perfect life may seem attractive to most people, but this may be distracting you from happiness. Perfection is never a prerequisite to happiness. If it is, then none of us would ever find happiness that truly lasts.

Our world isn’t perfect, and it will never be. But everyone is entitled to discover the real meaning of happiness.

Harboring feelings of hate

Harboring feelings of hate can eventually get the better of us. With too much anger and bitterness in your heart, you allow these feelings to occupy a permanent space in your heart and mind.

If you truly want to be happy, do not hate. It would be a lot easier to enjoy more of your life if you learn to let go of the things that are weighing you down.

Succumbing to fear

When you look back over the last few years of your life, you may then realize that you have lost a lot of opportunities because of your fears and worries. While there is nothing you can do about these lost opportunities, there are a lot of things you can do about the opportunities that are yet to come.

Let go of your worries and fears. You may fail sometimes, but most of the time, you will succeed. Especially if you stand up and face your fears.

Working for money

Work without passion is imprisonment. Even if you are not super passionate about your job, you at least have to be interested in it. We understand that you have bills to pay and a good paying job is hard to resist. But if you are working for nothing more than a paycheck, then you will never be truly happy. Remember, once your basic needs have been met, money will have very little bearing to your overall happiness.