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Imposter Syndrome: Why You Feel Like a F...

Imposter Syndrome: Why You Feel Like a Fraud Despite Success

Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough, despite your achievements? Or maybe you constantly compare yourself to others, convinced they’re all more talented and successful. If so, you’re not alone. This feeling is known as Imposter Syndrome. It’s surprisingly common, even among the most successful individuals. As a psychotherapist who works with people […]

Self-Compassion as a Foundation for Self...

Self-Compassion as a Foundation for Self-Care: Nurturing Healing and Growth for Trauma Survivors

After experiencing trauma, survivors navigate a complex range of emotions and memories, searching for healing and peace. In this journey, one thing becomes abundantly clear: self-care is not a luxury but a vital necessity. For trauma survivors, self-care becomes a gentle guiding light that leads them back to themselves, providing comfort during difficult times and […]