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Tips for Managing Your Kids’ Busy After School Schedules

Kids love the idea of joining different activities in school. Aside from keeping them occupied, after school activities give them the opportunity to explore their interests and passion, develop self confidence, and teach them how to manage their time. There is no denying that after school activities can help your children in a variety of […]

Using EMDR Therapy in Treating Drug Addiction

More often than not, people turn to drugs to cover painful memories in the past, relieve pain or ease their suffering. Despite the harmful consequences, they use drugs because it helps them forget about their problems and mask particular emotions they are going through. Others, however, get hooked on prescribed drugs. They would rationalize using […]

New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Make

New Year gives us the opportunity to make changes in our lives. Oftentimes, it is seen as a time of rebirth and the chance to start anew. Come January 1, we look at our bad habits, faults and flaws and resolve to do better in the future. While we’re still a couple of months away […]

Does the Holiday Meltdown have you all Wrapped Up?

Were you one of the lucky people who took a full two-week vacation during the holidays? Why does it seem like you didn’t have any time off at all? You feel drained! For one reason, you pushed the envelope on how much partying, shopping, wrapping, cooking, football, and family time you could squeeze into fourteen […]

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