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4 Ways to Say No to Anyone without Feeling Guilty

With today’s busy schedules, most people are stressed and overworked. Oftentimes, this happens because you say yes to everything. Some people say yes out of guilt. Others would just say yes because they are worried that the person may feel upset when you say no. But saying yes to everyone is a recipe for burnout. […]

The Power of Letting Go: How to Beat the Fears That Are Holding You Back

Fear is an anxious feeling that is often caused by our anticipation of experience of situations. It has gotten a bad rap among most people. But the truth is that fear is normal. In fact, it is one of the most universal human experiences. It only becomes a problem when it starts to interfere with […]

What Impact Has Social Media Truly Had on Society

Over the past decade, the society has been wrapped up tightly in social media. Around the world, millions of people use social media on a daily basis. It’s hard to even imagine that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Let’s take a closer look at some of […]

When Ambition Breeds Depression

You have a good-paying job, a lovely house, a nice car, more than enough food to share with your family and some cash in the bank. You’ve got no reason to be dissatisfied. But still, there’s that pervasive hum of discontent each day. We’ve all been raised and conditioned to be competitive. You study hard, […]

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