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Using EMDR Therapy in Treating Drug Addiction

More often than not, people turn to drugs to cover painful memories in the past, relieve pain or ease their suffering. Despite the harmful consequences, they use drugs because it helps them forget about their problems and mask particular emotions they are going through. Others, however, get hooked on prescribed drugs. They would rationalize using […]

Eye Movement Desensitization Therapy for Victims of Trauma

Traumatic events can be difficult to come to terms with. If the experience is too disturbing, it leaves a negative impact on the person’s life. People who have experienced severe forms of trauma such as accidents, combat experiences or physical assault usually suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many of them experience angry outbursts, sleeping […]

Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive After A Loss

There is way too much pressure surrounding the holiday season. People get together with their extended family, throw big parties and tell outrageous jokes to one another. This can be heart-breaking when someone you care about is missing from those festivities. How could you possibly celebrate the holiday without spoiling everyone else’s good time or […]

Coping with the Emotional Impact of the Flood

A year ago, Boulder experienced monsoon-like rains that flooded roadways, overflowed creeks and prompted evacuations. As the anniversary of this event rolls around, some of you might be surprised by how emotional you become. No one who lives through a disaster is untouched by the experience. Flooding can have profound effects on a person’s emotional, […]